an Australian organisation delivering high quality assessment tasks to Australian school students.

As Australian schools move away from pen and paper national testing in the coming few years iPrax offers a full suite of state of the art Reading, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy tests for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for use in classrooms today. These tests are computer adaptive which means they are tailored for the individual ability of the student. Our aim is to be ahead of the game and allow schools to commence this style of assessment right now. Practice does make a difference. Teachers are provided with detailed feedback which will help target the learning to the individual student’s needs.

Our People

Michelle Davidson

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Primary Education (Distinction) – UNSW and a Master of Education – Sydney University (Merit) Michelle has over 25 years experience in the area of assessment and education. Prior to iPrax relevant industry experience included six years at UNSW managing test development, six years with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) as the Sydney Manager of Test Development. Michelle then worked for Pearson Australia as the Director of Assessment. Current projects as an assessment consultant to Trinity Grammar School ensure Michelle is in touch with current trends and teaching practices.

Greg Baker

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Macquarie University. Greg has worked as a research scientist with CSIRO, as an engineer with Google and as a consultant to Australia's largest corporate and government organisations. He has written six books on various IT topics, and has worked closely with several successful Australian start-ups, including COI, Controlability, Loftus Peak, Nuix and Atlassian.


  • How much does it cost?

    For a limited time, for selected schools, participation is completely free. There are no hidden catches or costs. During this roll out period only Year 3 and 5 Reading assessments will be available. Soon, assessments will be available for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in Reading, Numeracy and Grammar and Punctuation.

  • Why should my students sit an online iPrax assessment?

    iPrax online assessments are easy to administer. They are marked for you. The tests are of the highest standard and are written to the new Australian curriculum by some of the most experienced tests developers in Australia. iPrax assessments free up your precious teaching time and let you focus on what’s important.

  • How do I access the tests?

    Your students simply go to the webpage for your school. The link will be emailed to you. Your students enter their name and class and choose which test to sit. It couldn’t be easier!

  • How are iPrax assessments delivered?

    The assessments are delivered completely online. There is no need to print, mark or collate results. The program does it all for you automatically. iPrax assessments can be accessed on any device connected to the internet, and they can be sat at any time.

  • How do I get my students’ results?

    Results are accessible by clicking on a URL link provided to each participating school.

  • How long does the test take?

    The tests are of identical length to current NAPLAN assessments; a maximum of 50 minutes is all that is needed. Students who finish early are taken to an online activity.

  • When will I get my students’ results?

    Results are available as soon as each student completes the assessment.

  • What does it mean to be computer adaptive?

    Computer adaptive tests mean that students sit a paper tailored to their ability. As students progress they are directed to questions which better meet their demonstrated ability. High performing students receive harder reading texts and questions with higher cognitive demands. Students who are experiencing difficulty are directed to texts and questions better in line with their current abilities so that the assessment data provided is more meaningful.

  • How do I know the results are safe?

    Each school accesses the site from a unique URL. Your students’ assessment data will not be used for any other purpose. Schools may direct their students to enter the test using their name or student number as an added safeguard.

  • How do I sign up?

    All you need to do is access the link which has already been established for your school.

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